Skin Tag Removal FAQs

What is Cryotherapy?


Cryotherapy uses nitrous oxide to freeze a very precise area in order to remove skin tags and other lesions quickly and efficiently.

The freezing process then triggers the skin’s natural healing process.

Results are immediate with generally very little downtime and continue to improve as the skin heals over the following few days.

What is plasma pen treatment?


Plasma pen treatment is a non-surgical intervention which removes lesions and resurfaces the skin.

The pen emits a small arc of plasma, which vaporises instantly, dissolving lesions and forcing the skin to make collagen and elastin during the repair phase.

Results are immediate yet continue to improve as the skin surface heals.

What should I expect during my treatment?


Your clinician will discuss the best course of treatment with you depending on the skin concern you’re looking to remove.

Depending on the treatment, we may invite you to come in 15 minutes early to prepare your skin with a topical anaesthetic cream to minimise discomfort.  You’ll then be comfortably settled on one of our hydraulic treatment chairs throughout, whilst soft music and lighting will help to relax you.

The actual Cryotherapy or plasma pen treatment is very quick and gentle.

Is Cryotherapy or plasma pen treatment suitable for everyone?


These procedures can only be used to treat benign lesions so may require a report from a skin specialist before treatment can begin.

How soon will I notice results?


Results will be immediately noticeable although some redness, swelling or scabbing may take a few days to disappear.

Is skin tag or skin lesion removal permanent or how long will it last?


The treatment is permanent, although there is no guarantee that new skin tags or lesions won’t appear.

What side effects are possible?


Discomfort can be felt during the treatment and for a short while afterwards.  Paracetamol can be taken to help with this.

It’s common to feel some redness, swelling or scabbing on the area treated, but this will be minimal.  Some people can react with blisters after Cryotherapy but these will settle in a few days as the scab forms.  Occasionally these blisters may fill with blood but this is nothing to worry about.

If crusting develops, clean gently with soap and water and apply a thin layer of Vaseline twice daily.  It’s important to use any aftercare creams diligently.

The natural scabbing and healing process varies in duration from patient to patient but is likely to take between 1 and 6 weeks depending on the area and depth of the treated area.

Make sure you avoid the sun or use a high SPF on the area after treatment for at least 3 months.  Saunas should be avoided for 3 days.

There is a minor risk of infection, scarring or hyper pigmentation following treatment but this is unlikely if you follow the post-treatment advice.

How much does Cryotherapy or Plasma Pen treatment cost?


For all treatment costs, see our Price List.

How many treatments will I need?


For surface lesions or skin tags, one treatment can often be enough.  For larger or thicker lesions, two or three treatments may be recommended.

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