Skin Analysis System

Find out how healthy your skin really is with a report from our Skin Analysis System. This innovative machine photographs your skin under a series of different lights to provide close up analysis of a series of skin concerns.

Book skin analysis as part of a treatment, or as a great starting point to discover better skin health.  The photos take minutes, and you’ll then receive a full consultation in which you can discuss your results with a practitioner. From these, we will recommend a full protocol of skincare products optimised for your particular skin concerns, and may also suggest treatments which will further improve your complexion.

Book now to better understand your skin.

The Skin Analysis System takes seven individual closeup photographs of the skin on your face.  The machine then analyses the results to compile a skin quality report based on a series of concerns:

  • Sensitivity
  • Spots and blemishes
  • Wrinkles and lines
  • Pore size
  • UV sun damage
  • Oil secretion
  • Skin diseases such as vitiligo

You will receive your own skin analysis images to take into any future treatment session to share with the clinician.  Skin analysis is also a great way to see the effects of proper skincare and facial treatments by comparing before and after photos.

When arriving for an appointment with our Skin Analysis System, you’ll be directed upstairs to have the photographs taken.  This only takes a few moments, whilst you rest your chin and forehead on the support bars, and close your eyes against the flashes of light.

The report is then compiled and discussed with a clinician, during a full skin consultation.

The Skin Analysis System compiles data from thousands of people and uses this to provide a comparison against other people of your age and skin type for each area of concern.  Finally, a total “skin age” will be calculated.

These reports form a vital part of an effective skincare regime, informing the most impactful treatments and products for you.