Luxury Facials

Italian innovation delivers fast results with this ultra luxurious series of facials powered by leading cosmeceutical brand DIBI Milano.

Renowned for their new multi-level technology, DIBI products act on two levels simultaneously: prevention and performance.

Protective peptides maintain great skin health whilst active ingredients targeted at specific skincare concerns deliver maximum results.

Each luxury facial treatment is packed with proactive formulas which deliver a multitude of effects.

So if you’re looking for damage renewal, age repair, rejuvenation or brightening, check out these targeted luxury facials from DIBI.

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The Gold Facial – GOLD


The origin of youth, gold is seen as the icon of perfection and purity – this is particularly effective for dull and tired skin.

The multi-corrective treatment targets youth, rebirth and vitality with formulas which are rich in pure gold for radiance and luminosity, Bio-conjugated Gold for regeneration and Peptide No 34 which protects and repairs cells.

Sequence of Treatment:

> Skin is prepared with Face Perfection Extreme Youth cleansing cream an ultra-high performance enzymatic peel, bi-phasic toner and Gold Concentrated Youth Cream.

> A Youth Concentrated Cream Mask is massaged into your face, supporting the skin’s metabolism.

> Pure Gold 24k leaves are applied and left for 10 minutes for reawakened and seductive skin.

> Before leaving, you’ll receive a further layer of the Gold Concentrated Youth Cream Mask.


Pro-Cellular360 Facial – SILVER


A revitalising luxury facial which regenerates and repairs skin using Procellular 365 technology.  

With 3 active ingredients, 6 actions and 5 results, your skin is left retexturised, uniform and compact, free of toxins and more resistant to external aggressions.  Perfect for skin that’s fragile or sensitised either due to age or a consequence of aesthetic cosmetic treatments.

In fact, using this facial after aesthetic treatments helps the skin to recover and repair, eliminates redness and significantly reduces any trauma.

Sequence of Treatment:

> Face Protection Nourishing Cleansing Milk clarifies skin before a deeper cleanse is offered with the Procellular 365 intensive retexturising peel which is applied twice.

> Procellular 365 Pro Recovery Bi-liquid is massaged over the face, neck and decolletage and the Pro Recovery Silver Serum Mask applied from forehead to neck and left on for 20 minutes.

> The final stage sees the Procellular 365 Pro Recovery Lipid Emulsion massaged into the skin until completely absorbed.


Filler Code Facial – PEARL


Turn back the clock without disturbing the skin’s natural harmony.  Perfect for mature skin, this luxury facial uses Filler Code cosmeceuticals to target each wrinkle with two treatment options: one for the delicate eye and lip area, and the other for face, neck and chest.

Filler Code is a multifunctional formula working on every kind of wrinkle – from fine lines to deep wrinkles, caused by stress or the passing of time.  Your skin will look five years younger in just two weeks.

Sequence of Treatment:

> Face Perfection cleanser nourishes skin before a high performing enzymatic peel is applied with a revitalising toner.

> Filler Code Derma-Replenishing duo serum concentrate is massaged into the face and neck followed by Filler Code One to One Mapping Cream.

> The treatment finishes with a Micro Pearl Mask left on the skin for 20 minutes, before a final layer of the Derma-Replenishing serum.


Age Method Facial – BLACK (Alginate)


For a younger, smoother and brighter appearance, the Age Method treatment is ideal.

This universal youth treatment is inspired by epigenetics – the science of genes. The treatment has two benefits: defending and protecting against daily stress, fatigue and environmental conditions, whilst also restructuring the skin, erasing the damage caused by hormonal or menopausal skin.

Sequence of Treatment:

> Skin is prepared with Face Perfection Extreme Youth cleansing cream an ultra-high performance enzymatic peel, bi-phasic toner and Age Method Youth Enhancing liquid serum.

> The Age Method Black Alginate Mask is applied and left for its active ingredients to take effect for 20 minutes.

> Finally, to the areas most impacted by ageing, the Age Method Deluxe 2 in 1 balm is applied before a layer of Total Youth cream.


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