LED Light Therapy FAQs

What is LED Light Therapy?


This is a non-invasive treatment in which the skin is exposed to red, blue and near-infrared light.  LED Light Therapy promotes changes within the skin which can help with a wide range of concerns from healing to pain, acne to anti-ageing.

Light therapy in general improves skin health and vitality but can be tailored to resolve each specific outcome.  The low level light energy stimulates the cells to renew and regenerate.  Light of different wavelengths will be used to treat different conditions.

LED Light Therapy is painless with virtually no downtime yet offers significant clinical results.

What should I expect during my light therapy treatment?


Our clinicians will begin with a personal consultation to review and examine your current skin concerns.  She will then explain the best course of treatment for you.

During each LED Light Therapy appointment, you will be settled onto one of our bespoke hydraulic treatment chairs whilst soft music and low lighting will help you to relax.

The Celluma LED lamp will be positioned over the area to be treated whilst you lie back and rest.  Each treatment takes around 30 minutes.

Is LED Light Therapy suitable for everyone?


Celluma LED Light Therapy should not be used by children under 12, or over the stomach or chest of a pregnant or breastfeeding woman.  It is also not advised for people who suffer seizures or epilepsy, who are taking steroid injections or any photosensitive drugs.

How soon will I notice results?


Whilst some people will notice an improvement in their symptoms or appearance after a session, it is most common to prescribe a course of treatments in order to achieve a significant change.  We recommend around 6 treatments for maximum results.

Is LED Light Therapy permanent or how long will it last?


No, light therapy for the skin is not permanent – it simply boosts the naturally healing power of the skin.  The effects of a course of treatment should last a reasonable amount of time but ageing, pollution, stress and other factors may cause your skin concerns to resurface.  In this case, another course of LED Light Therapy is likely to again improve symptoms.

What side effects are possible?


LED Light Therapy is considered extremely safe when used properly.  You should not experience any negative side effects post treatment.

How much does light therapy cost?


For all treatment costs, see our Price List.

How many light therapy treatments will I need?


Your clinician will prescribe a treatment course for you, dependent on your skin concerns but we usually recommend around 6 sessions.

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