Full Face Rejuvenation FAQs

What is Full Face Rejuvenation?


Full Face Rejuvenation is a new approach to aesthetic treatment.

By looking at the full face, analysing the skin and considering the three aspects of ageing in turn, a bespoke treatment plan can be made for impactful rejuvenation.

This mitigates the risk of one treatment negatively impacting another area of the face, and ensures maximum results, with each procedure complementing the rest.

We do this through the expertise of consultant cosmetic surgeon, Mr Marco Malahais who will analyse your skin and listen to your concerns and objectives in order to devise the most impactful treatment plan.

He will assess your skin across the three ageing indicators: surface, volume and laxity before outlining the options for effective treatment.  You will have the opportunity to discuss which treatment plan fits best with your budget, downtime preferences and desired outcomes.

It’s the best way to know you’re investing in truly impactful treatments.

What should I expect during my Full Face Rejuvenation appointment?


The first stage is a consultation with our consultant plastic surgeon

Mr Malahais will study your face, and may use a facial scanner to analyse the surface of your skin.  He will share the outcome with you and explain the best approach to achieving your outcome, by combining treatments for all three age indicators.

You’ll have plenty of time to discuss costs, side effects and results and can lean on his expertise to hear bespoke advice for your specific skin issues.

You’ll leave with a tailored plan of action to suit your budget.

Is Full Face Rejuvenation suitable for everyone?


As this is a fully tailored consultation, it’s the best way to enter into aesthetic treatments with full advice and expertise.

Many individual treatments have certain restrictions – particularly around pregnancy, those with autoimmune conditions or people receiving chemo or radiotherapy.  However, Mr Malahais will be able to offer you personal advice about treatments which will be safe and effective for you.

How much does Full Face Rejuvenation cost?


For all treatment costs, see our Price List

How many treatments will I need?


Your treatment plan is entirely bespoke so it all depends on the types of procedures recommended to you.  Some people may achieve their rejuvenation goals with just a few treatments whilst others may leave with a schedule of appointments over 12 months.

Every treatment has its own schedule of frequency in order to ensure maximum benefit and these will be explained to you ahead of any bookings.

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