Full Face Rejuvenation

Achieve incredible results by holistic treatment of the full face.

A Full Face Rejuvenation takes a combination approach to treatment, addressing the face as a whole for a truly natural result.  By analysing your skin’s needs across the three key aspects that contribute to ageing – surface, volume and laxity – we can create a bespoke treatment plan that complements your whole visage.

Access the expertise of our consultant plastic surgeon, Mr Marco Malahias, to devise your personal full face rejuvenation programme targeted for your skin concerns. Mr Malahais will share his wisdom during an in-depth consultation, listening to your concerns, desired outcomes, downtime preferences and budget. By considering the full face from the start, you can be sure that planned treatments work in harmony to transform your appearance.

Discover rejuvenation by investing in the combination of treatments most effective for your skin.

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Your Full Face Rejuvenation plan will be completely personal to you.  It may consist of just a few treatments, or it may schedule a full 12 months of work.  The key is to consider the three aspects of ageing together – ensuring all work complements the whole.

During your consultation, Mr Malahais will discuss each treatment option with you and explain the impact on each aspect of your face to find a treatment plan best suited to you.

Our faces are exposed to the elements more than any other part of our body so the first signs of ageing are visible here.  Fine lines, pigmentation, acne, sensitivity and sun damage can all affect the surface of the skin and contribute to a dull, tired appearance.  Surface concerns can be treated with anti wrinkle injections, chemical peels, skin boosters and regular facials. Nucleadyn will address dark circles, skin tone and elasticity whilst a good skin routine can improve the surface quality of your skin considerably.

Loss of volume in the face is caused by bone reduction, collagen depletion and fat loss as we age.  It’s most noticeable around the eyes, cheeks and temples.  Volume loss is most commonly restored with hyaluronic acid fillers, but Lanluma, PRP and combined treatment can address more advanced volume loss, stimulating collagen production for longer lasting results. By returning volume to your face, or adding extra volume, we can restore the shape of your facial features, enhance your natural beauty or even make your face appear more masculine or feminine.

Skin laxity occurs as our collagen production slows and is most visible around the cheeks, jowls and neck.  Mild skin laxity can be addressed with dermal fillers, collagen supplements or Profhilo treatments, whereas Endolift can provide dramatic improvements for more advanced laxity – particularly for saggy jowls, neck and eye bags.  Endolift can also be used on any area of the body where skin has lost its original elasticity.

As we age, our skin can change beyond recognition yet the range of aesthetic solutions available is often bewildering.  The other concern is the risk that a treatment may improve one area but adversely impact another. Mr Malahais is a cosmetic surgeon with all the expertise that comes with turning back the clock for a multitude of patients.  He takes a holistic approach: looking at all three aspects of ageing to plan the whole treatment schedule in advance, ensuring each procedure complements the next.

Cosmetica does not offer surgical solutions, but we can offer the benefit of Mr Malahais’ expert opinion to help you find the most effective aesthetic treatments for your own skin concerns.

Create your own bespoke full face rejuvenation plan today and know you’re investing in solutions that will make a difference.

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