Bespoke Facials FAQs

What are bespoke facials?


A bespoke facial is like a prescription treatment for your skin.  Our clinicians will listen to your skin concerns, analyse your skin’s condition and use specific products, supplements and techniques to best support your goals.

Our bespoke facials use advanced cosmeceutical ingredients which are backed by science and proven to make a noticeable difference to the skin’s health or appearance.  They are a non-invasive way to achieve gentle cosmetic results.

What should I expect during my bespoke facial treatment?


Depending on the facial of your choice and the techniques used, your experience may differ from other facials at times but essentially it is a very similar experience.  You’ll be settled in one of our specially designed hydraulic chairs whilst a relaxing atmosphere is created with soft music and lighting.

Some of the techniques may require a low level of noise or some minor adjustments to position but all are non-invasive and painless so the whole process should be as relaxing as a regular facial.

Are bespoke facials for everyone?


Absolutely, the idea is it’s tailored to each individual’s specific requirements.  Our clinicians will discuss your medical history and skin concerns and create a bespoke facial treatment to best support your skin goals.

How soon will I notice results?


You should leave your appointment feeling relaxed, with clean, nourished, soothed and glowing skin.  Some of the techniques we use can further develop over time so your complexion may improve further in the coming days.

Is it permanent or how long will a bespoke facial last?


Skin will naturally dull or age as time goes by so the effects don’t last forever but we expect the benefits of your facial to remain for up to two weeks.

What side effects are possible with bespoke facials?


Some of the peels or techniques can leave skin feeling slightly rosy and pink but this will calm within hours.  Any allergies or intolerances will be discussed before the treatment starts and if we feel you need a patch test this will also be done in advance so side effects should be negligible.

How much does it cost?


For all treatment costs, see our Price List.

How many treatments will I need?


Our bespoke facials are designed to deliver everything you need in one treatment but for truly impactful results, we recommend regular treatments – around once every 4-6 weeks.

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