Pigmentation and Vascular Lesions Laser Treatment FAQs

What is Pigmentation Laser and Vascular Lesion Treatment?


Hyperpigmentation causes lesions such as sun spots, age spots, and freckles on the skin.  Vascular issues cause unwanted redness such as rosacea, spider or cherry angioma and port wine stains.

This hyperpigmentation laser treatment can reduce or resolve all these issues quickly and effectively.  The Dye-VL laser uses a combination of laser and pulsed light to dissolve and disperse the melatonin or haemoglobin under the skin, revealing clear, toned and even skin.

What should I expect during my Pigmentation Laser and Vascular Lesion Treatment?


We’ll need to complete a medical screening to make sure the pigmentation laser procedure is right for you, before doing a small patch test to check for any adverse reaction.  After 24 hours, if all is well, we can begin treatments.

Our laser specialist will review your skin concerns and create a bespoke course of treatment for you.

For each procedure, you’ll be settled in a reclined position on one of our specially designed hydraulic treatment chairs whilst music and soft lighting help you to relax.

During the pigmentation laser treatment, you’ll notice bright light and feel a brief, sharp stinging sensation similar to an elastic band twanging against the skin.

Is hyperpigmentation and vascular laser treatment suitable for everyone?


Pigmentation laser treatment is suitable for all skin types, including darker skin.  We don’t recommend treatment for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or for people who suffer with an autoimmune disorder.  Anyone suffering from infections, prone to keloids or undergoing cancer treatment is also advised not to have this treatment.

What before or after care should I know about with Pigmentation Laser and Vascular Lesion Treatment?


It’s important to avoid the sun and sunbeds for 4-6 weeks before treatment.  You must also stop using tanning creams a week before your procedure.  If you use Zovirax for cold sores you may use it before treatment but not return to use for a week afterwards.

You should avoid sun exposure and use an SPF 50 sunscreen at all times.  Avoid hot baths and heat treatment and avoid picking or scratching at treated skin.

How soon will I notice results?


An improvement in the lesion should be visible within days, and will continue to improve over the following week.  You may require a course of treatments for the best results.

Is pigmentation or vascular laser treatment permanent or how long will it last?


Pigmentation laser treatment is a permanent resolution to pigmentation and vascular lesions but we can’t guarantee that other skin lesions won’t form in the future.

What side effects are possible?


The treated area may feel warm with some redness immediately afterwards, but this will diminish rapidly.  There may be some darkening of pigment or veins which is a good sign that the laser has broken down the root cause.  This will disperse and dissolve over the coming weeks.

How much does it cost?


For all treatment costs, see our Price List.

How many Pigmentation Laser and Vascular Lesion Treatments will I need?


We usually suggest three to six treatments, once every 4 weeks.  Your clinician will advise you of the best course of treatment for you.  Some people require more than one course.

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