Laser Tattoo Removal

Break down unwanted tattoos with laser tattoo removal.

The Harmony ClearLeaf laser can help erase old mistakes and clear the way for new beginnings.

Even dark and multicoloured tattoos can be safely and effectively eliminated with a course of laser tattoo removal, revealing clear, ink-free skin.

Laser tattoo removal uses a combination of laser wavelengths to target different ink colours, breaking up the ink particles which disperse and absorb over time.

Our two high-powered lasers treat both dark and bright inks, clearing skin with minimal risk of scarring or hypopigmentation.

The mechanical Q-switched effect works by vibrating the ink particles which shatter into microscopic pieces.  As the skin heals, the body flushes these away, allowing the tattoo to fade.

A number of factors impact on the length and effectiveness of laser tattoo removal treatment.  A longer course may be needed for larger, darker or older tattoos whilst the results will be affected by size, age, quality, inks used and skin type.  You’ll see the biggest impact in the first few treatments, but this procedure is less effective on larger areas.

Removing a tattoo by laser can be painful but we use a numbing cream to make treatments more comfortable.  Immediately after each laser procedure, the skin will form a white crust and possibly bleed in pinpoints over the tattoo.  

You’ll return home with a clear dressing and as the tattoo heals, the ink colour will fade.

Clear your skin of unwanted tattoos and book a consultation today.

Frequently Asked Questions