Bespoke Laser Facial FAQs

What is a Bespoke Laser Facial?


Traditional facials use a combination of skin products and manual techniques to nourish and rejuvenate the skin.  Adding in a targeted laser treatment boosts the efficacy of your facial, allowing you to quickly and simply resolve many common skin concerns.

Your aesthetic therapist will consult with you to review your complexion and hear what you’re hoping to achieve before prescribing a suitable course of treatment.  She can choose from an array of highly effective manual and technological techniques including:

  • Four different laser technologies
  • LED light therapy
  • Meso micro needling
  • Ultrasound technology
  • Skin peels or masks

Your therapist will explain exactly which treatments she advises and how they will help support your goals.

What should I expect during my laser facial treatment?


Much of the treatment will follow the pattern of a usual facial.  Your therapist will thoroughly cleanse and prepare your skin and may use a peel or a mask.  After this the specific laser treatment needed to resolve your skin concerns will be done.

Your experience will vary depending on which laser technology is used.  Many you can’t feel at all, whilst others may feel like soft pinpricks or a hot elastic band.  Your therapist will explain exactly what to expect during your consultation.

Your laser facial will take place whilst you recline in one of our hydraulic treatment chairs whilst soft music and lighting aid relaxation.

Are laser facials suitable for everyone?


Laser facial treatments are not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women or for anyone with skin problems such as open wounds, broken skin or infection in the treatment area.  We also don’t recommend laser treatments for people suffering from autoimmune diseases.  Some laser treatments aren’t suitable for very dark skin but your clinician will explain all this to you if necessary.

How soon will I notice results?


This depends on which laser treatments you have during your laser facial.  Some results are very quick – you can see the effects of vascular or pigmentation treatment straight away.  Others are cumulative, so the more treatments you have, the better the results.  Laser treatments which stimulate collagen production take time to see long term change, so you would expect the results to be visible after 6 months to a year.  

After any procedure however, the skin will very quickly appear better than before treatment – but maximum results may take time to achieve.

Are laser facials permanent or how long will it last?


Areas where skin pigmentation or visible capillaries have been treated by laser won’t see the effects wear off – these problems have been permanently rectified but the ageing process will continue.  So whilst laser treatments won’t reverse, they may need ongoing maintenance.

This may be as simple as one treatment every 3 or 6 months, or a different treatment such as a skin peel or microneedling to keep skin in tip top condition.  Your clinician will advise you on the best maintenance programme.

What side effects are possible with laser facials?


If your bespoke laser facial contains a skin peel, you may find slight redness for 24 hours after and some light flaking or peeling for 2 or 3 days after treatment.

Some laser treatments such as those for acne or collagen rejuvenation leave no trace, others – such as vascular or pigmentation treatments or laser for skin remodelling and lifting can leave a slight hot, red smarting sensation on the skin but this will quickly subside.

How much does it cost?


For all treatment costs, see our Price List.

How many laser treatments will I need?


Laser procedures really need a minimum of six sessions for optimal results, and preferably two courses of six sessions each.

Of course you may choose your bespoke laser facial as a standalone treatment offering a supercharged effect to your facial  – or you could continue having laser treatments separately after your laser facial to maximise the impact.


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