Ameela FAQs

What is Ameela?


Ameela is an injectable treatment that provides a replenishing effect to the skin.

Ameela treatment consists of a series of polynucleotide injections which work at a cellular level – encouraging the skin to regenerate from within, restoring skin tone, moisturisation and helping to reduce wrinkles.  These injections also help protect cells from free radicals which damage the skin and cause visible ageing effects.

What should I expect during my Ameela treatment?


Ameela is injected directly into the target areas, in a very similar format to other injectables such as fillers and Profhilo.

These polynucleotide injections can be used to treat the under eye area, the face, neck, decolletage and hands.  There are three different Ameela formulations providing specific support to certain areas.  Ameela Eyes takes care of the delicate under eye area, Ameela Rejuvenation can be used all over the face, neck, hands and decolletage, whilst Ameela Face focuses on deeper lines or wrinkles to provide a greater boost in particular areas.

You will receive a full consultation from our trained aesthetic doctors before any treatment is given, and you will have a chance to discuss your skin concerns, your goals and how the treatment might help you.

Is Ameela suitable for everyone?


This overall skin booster is very natural, so suitable for most people.  Ameela is made up of salmon DNA, however, so it is not suitable for vegetarians.

Polynucleotide injections should not be used in areas where there is an existing infection, and they are not recommended if you are unwell in any way, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or if you are taking certain medications.  Our team will always ensure any treatment is right for you before beginning.

What before or after care should I know about with Ameela treatments?


If you are having an eye treatment we recommend you take arnica tablets for ideally a couple of weeks beforehand to reduce bruising.  Both arnica tablets and arnica cream can then be used for a week or two after any Ameela treatments to help heal bruising.  Vigorous exercise, sunbeds or sunbathing, or saunas are not advised in the immediate days following treatment.

How soon will I notice results?


The skin will appear immediately tightened and refreshed but within a day or two this effect may wear off as the product disperses.  The true rejuvenative impact can take up to three months to develop.  Any initial redness will quickly reduce and you will find results improve over the coming weeks and months due to stimulation of collagen and elastin production.

Is Ameela permanent or how long will it last?


These treatments are not permanent because the polynucleotide gets absorbed by the skin – however, the effects of the active ingredients will continue to benefit the area and show results for up to 6-8 months depending on the individual.  To maintain the effects, we recommend a further treatment around this time.

What side effects are possible with Ameela?


Immediately after the procedure, you may notice some swelling and redness which may develop into bruising over the coming days.  Arnica tablets or cream can help reduce any bruising which does occur.

How much does Ameela cost?


For all treatment costs, see our Price List 

How many treatments will I need?


Ameela is given in the form of 2-3 treatments, two weeks apart. The number of sessions required and the interval between treatments will vary depending on the individual and which Ameela product is used.  The effects will appear over time, but we then recommend a maintenance treatment every 6 months.

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